Brendan Murphy

A talented psychic once told me: “You’re going to help a LOT of people to help themselves.” Guess what? I intend to make her right.

How? Well, let’s do the “About Me” thing.

I accept and embrace it:
I’m a strange constellation of attributes, tastes, and talents—impossible to pigeonhole.

Since 2003 I’ve spent over 15,000+ hours studying the fields of:

  • Consciousness, spirituality, the esoteric, psychology, mythology, and religion
  • Different healing methods, techniques, and systems
  • Self-evolution and personal development (“human potential”)
  • Conspiracy facts, geopolitics, and the Deep State
  • Exopolitics, exobiology, ufology, and related subjects
  • Medicine, Big Pharma, and the war on natural health
  • Suppressed history and technology…

…and much more. For what?


So I could figure out how to live freely, powerfully, vitally, and generously – and then help you do the same.

In short, my “business” is your knowledge, transformation, embodiment, and freedom.

A few basic background facts about me are in order at this point (since this is the “about” page).

I’m Australian born but currently weave my magic from Jalisco, Mexico.

Fun fact: A few of my dominant archetypes include the Sage, the Outlaw, and the “Critic.”

WARNING: I’m a committed non-conformist and paradigm-smasher!

My mission is to show you how to massively increase your awareness, freedom, spirituality, health, and prosperity.

I guess that explains why I have invested over 15,000 hours of time into studying, researching, and investigating consciousness, the nature of reality, and many related subjects.

At the tail end of 2012, aged 29, I published the first yield of some 10,000+ hours of research and experience—The Grand Illusion – Book 1: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality.

Epic though that book is, it’s only the beginning. Knowing is one thing – the next step is to live the truth in full embodiment of our magnificence.

I like to think helping conscious humans like you to create freedom, prosperity, health, and impact gets to be fun.

Changing your world is an internal process…

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My Values


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