Big Pharma’s Witch Hunt Has Medieval Roots

Big Pharma’s Witch Hunt Has Medieval Roots Brendan Murphy

By Brendan D. Murphy

There is an ancient war being waged.

Broadly, it is the war on consciousness.

However, that umbrella war has numerous different theatres where blood is shed every day.

One is health—and the war being waged by Big Pharma and mainstream medicine against most forms of natural medicine (read: economic competition and things that disrupt the genocidal global "population management" program).

Anything that non-toxically and non-invasively stimulates or capitalises on the body’s own programmed and innate healing mechanisms is not to be tolerated. Rather, it is to be attacked as viciously as (in)humanly possible, demonized, and crushed with religious zeal.


Have you ever wondered just how far back this antipathy and irrational fear and loathing extends?

Some of you might point to the Rockefeller family and the incredible job they have done in destroying the reputations of all forms of natural medicine, as well as crushing all competitors using every (despicable) method possible.

You’d be right, of course, in acknowledging their role, however, the ancient mental programs – “legacy programs” – that inhabit such imbalanced people and lead them to act in such tyrannical and violent ways are much older than David Rockefeller. He merely inherited them from a bygone age.

How much older are we talking?

Genesis of the War on Health

Remember a little thing called the middle ages? Yeah, we can trace these predatory mental programs and agendas at LEAST that far back in time—right back to the Inquisition. Those were the heady days of witch hunting, mass torture, and Satan lurking around every corner.

In the late 16th century, the “wisest fool in Christendom” King James I—he of Gunpowder Plot fame—published a book called Daemonologie. It was 1597—about eight years before Guy Fawkes’ failed Gunpowder Plot. James was a firm believer in witches and for a time viewed them as having supernatural powers—a view he later downgraded to seeing them instead as anti-social elements with subversive potential.

The king’s helpful book detailed what kinds of “unlawful charms, without natural causes” were to be considered witchcraft:

I mean by such kind of charms as commonly daft wives use, for healing of forspoken [bewitched] goods, for preserving them from evil eyes, by knitting…sundry kinds of herbs to the hair of the goods; by curing the worm, by stemming the blood, by healing of horse crooks…or doing such like innumerable things by words [think power of suggestion and hypnosis], without applying anything…to the part offended, as mediciners [physicians] do.1 (emphasis added)

As you can see, James had granted his inquisitors license to persecute traditional healers, herbalists; anyone who was merely continuing ancient folkloric traditions—whether they were effective and helpful or not was irrelevant. Their very efficacy undermined the church’s authority and “god-given” dominion over the bodies of the faithful.

In fact, so rabid and blinded by hatred and irrational beliefs were the clerics carrying out this persecution (mostly, but not exclusively, against women), that they could twist genuine therapeutic efficacy according to their confirmation bias, such that it merely amounted to evidence of Satanic influence.

You heal with herbs? Satan has you in his grip! You must be saved!

The healer’s (grisly) fate would have been sealed regardless. It is disturbingly similar to our contemporary situation faced by natural/complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapists, who are up against the current mutation of the Inquisition, a.k.a., mainstream medicine (only today we have laws against overt physical violence, instead favouring psychological and financial violence against these modern heretics).

James’ ideological forebears Kramer and Sprenger, authors of the infamous witch hunter’s bible Malleus Maleficarum (1486) had written:

[S]ince the devil is more powerful than a man, and a man can obstruct the generative powers by means of frigid herbs or anything else that can be thought of, therefore much more can the devil do this, since he has greater knowledge and cunning.2

That devil was a clever lad. He could render a man impotent towards one woman in particular while leaving his lust for other women intact through “his own power, or some herb or stone, or some occult natural means.”3

Thus, even humble garden herbs were potentially tools of those master genital puppeteers Satan and his minions. Buyer beware.

Kramer and Sprenger wrote that witches who made potions or herbs as contraceptives were to be punished by “the extreme penalty,” meaning being tortured horrifically and killed either by fire or some other sadistic method.

They also quoted Augustine of Hippo, another bright spark, who wrote in the early fifth century AD—the outset of the Middle ages—in City of God that “devils ensnare us by various kinds of stones and herbs and trees, animals, charms and ceremonies.”4

Darn it, nature, why did you have to be such a hotbed of seductive Satanic revelry?

Mater and Pater: Gender Wars

In a summation of Sprenger and Kramer’s mind-numbing work, Edo Nyland writes:

Open hunting season was declared on women, especially herb gatherers, midwives, widows and spinsters…It has been estimated by Dr. Marija Gimbutas, Professor of Archeology at the University of California, that as many as 9 million people, overwhelmingly women, were burned or hanged during the witch-craze.5

Thus, the strange origins of the war on natural medicine go at least as far back as the middle ages—rooted in Biblical thinking as it was.

As mythologist Joseph Campbell pointed out, Christianity was unlike the nature-based “pagan” religions—it was a social religion, with man clearly placed at the apex of creation.

Nature/Sophia/Gaia (the feminine principle) was to be conquered and controlled according to the whims of a capricious and jealous male creator god who just happened to prefer that the church be run by power-hungry and morally depraved corrupt men (a bit like himself).

Remember, that Christianity had already eliminated the feminine principle from its metaphysics by conjuring an all-male and/or ambiguous trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The women targeted by the Inquisition were, of course, in league with Satan (nature). Misogyny played a tremendous part in the Inquisition as the feminine principal was stamped out and women dehumanized and disempowered as thoroughly as possible.

Their roles as healers, nurturers, midwives, and givers of life remain devalued and downplayed in mainstream medicine even today, because the mind virus of neurotic will-to-control has not yet been vanquished from the structure and form of the Church of Modern Medicine.

The problem is largely unconscious, meaning that women in the profession—particularly the upper hierarchy—are not immune from the mind virus either, but clearly now act (ironically) as vectors just like their male peers.

Example: Birth—an entirely natural process executed successfully by indigenous women for hundreds of thousands of years without hospitals—is treated like a disease to be managed by technocrats in white coats (white, symbolising “purity,” of course).

The schism between the paternalistic (“yang) world of authoritarian religion/medicine and natural (“yin”) healing represents our collective psychological disconnect from earth/“Gaia”—our mother– and the broader feminine principle. (Recall Sophia, consort of male creator god Yahweh, who is wisdom and was with him from the beginning—and yet suppressed by the patriarchal Catholic church!)

In today’s much more egalitarian and secular social climate, women and men who practice natural healing or alternative diagnostic methods are persecuted equally, so three cheers for “progress,” folks. As during the Inquisition, their unforgivable sin is not doing “as mediciners (doctors) do.”

Their sin is deviating from the dogma of cut, poison, and burn.

These subversives are in league with nature—and our bodies are nature, in case anyone has forgotten—and that is tantamount to being in league with the devil himself. If they do not confess and repent then they must be “saved” by burning in the expiating fires of public shaming, revocation of licenses, and reputational incineration…because the Church of Modern Medicine (Big Pharma) loves us and just wants us to be safe.

Nature = feminine principle = devil. Do not pass “Go.”

The reason that mainstream medicine as an entity operates on a systemic and institutional level so much like a fanatical religion is simply because at its base, it is—and increasing numbers of medical doctors are in agreement. (The late Dr Robert Mendelsohn is just one noteworthy example of many.)

Big Pharma and Conspiracy Truth

In the USA the conspiracy against natural medicine / CAM has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt, so clear is the paper trail.

There have been a number of court cases where practitioners who were hand-picked by the Establishment for termination successfully defended themselves and caused the Inquisitors no little embarrassment in the process, showing how these government agencies were overstepping their bounds and acting deceitfully and vexatiously.

Those CAM practitioners were targeted by the usual suspects (“health fraud” task forces, AMA, FBI, FDA, cancer societies, etc.) and forced to defend themselves and their livelihoods. (Not all were so lucky: many have succumbed, lives left in ruin.)

Some therapists not only defended themselves successfully, but also proved that they were being persecuted in accordance with a highly orchestrated conspiracy emanating from the most powerful quarters of establishment medicine and government.

This is not a theory. It is a matter of record.

One example: A holistic dentist, Dr Vaughn Harada of Santa Monica, was called before the Dental Board. With the help of his attorney Bill Moore, he proved to the assistant attorney general the nature of the conspiracy against alternative medicine and that he was being targeted as part of it, and the matter was promptly dropped. Moore had several other clients with similar results.1

This comprehensive conspiracy by Big Pharma, government agencies, “charitable” organizations (accepting public donations), and mainstream medicine in general is well documented in a thoroughly researched book called The Assault on Medical Freedom by Joseph P. Lisa. Lisa inveigled his way into the machinery of the Church of Modern Medicine and uncovered the shocking truth.

The same basic situation of the medical “powers that wish to be” orchestrating and maintaining a vindictive attack against natural medicine is being played out in other countries where the slimy tentacles of Big Pharma reach, Australia being an obvious example.

Biased, bought, and ignorant politicians chime in, singing from the same pharmaceutical song sheet, offering paeans to their Father in Heaven, Lord of Mainstream Medicine. The message to the great unwashed masses is “submit—or else.”

The hypnotic effect of these destructive legacy programs is so strong that the hypnotized never stop to think if their viewpoint is actually accurate or not. The thought of actually investigating the matter never occurs to them.

This proves the deep state of hypnotic trance such people live in.

Legacy Programs and Mob Mentality

Economically, Big Pharma’s war on natural medicine is motivated by social control and profiteering through destruction of the competition (to say nothing of the softkill depopulation undertones, per Codex Alimentarius, etc.).

But hear this well:

Psychologically, the war on natural medicine serves the same purpose the Inquisition’s war on “witches” did: firstly, the irrational fixation of attention on an “other,” someone different and therefore “evil” and needing to be stamped out; someone who could be scapegoated and serve as a release valve for the accumulated psychic pressure (particularly rage) in the collective unconscious.

Just as in the medieval period/middle ages, our deep-seated fears and insecurities can be projected onto society’s whipping boy and disowned, instead of the persecutors taking self-responsibility, looking within, and doing the inner work to evolve that would actually improve life for everyonewithout the need for conflict and destruction of “otherness.”

It is the weakest among us who succumb to this kind of hysterical and irrational mob mentality. (Rabid pro-vaxxers, I’m talking to you.)

The systemic Stockholm syndrome we in the “civilized” world display beggars belief. The faithful flock suckles at the teat of the very authorities that have them scared stupid, under-informed, duped, mesmerized, and superficially placated.

We think we can pay the government and Big Pharma to keep us safe from the terrors of the unknown (and invented), just as we used to pay the church indulgences to buy our way out of post-mortem punishment for “sinning.”

It’s significant that during the middle ages, Christendom took the gods, devas, and nature spirits (such as satyrs)—including the important Pan—and Satan-ised them, effectively turning man against nature, and making us even more paranoid and delusional in the process.

Nature was to be viewed with suspicion. The fertile Greek satyr Pan—a harmless nature god with his hoofs and horns (symbolic of power and potency)—became part of the template used to create the evil fantasy called Satan.2

By association, then, use of natural therapeutic interventions could be seen as evidence of an allegiance with the devil. Healing brought about through herbs, for instance, now had a menacing preternatural overtone. Anyone not using the church’s officially sanctioned medical interventions was derelict and in sin. The deviant had to be punished (cruelly).

Today, modern medicine—for all its “sophistication” (most of which we don’t actually need)—embodies this ancient and deep-seated paranoia towards natural interventions and the power of the human body to simply heal itself (if we would just stop abusing it).

Just look at the Establishment’s bizarre and baseless hostility towards the sheer idea of reversing metastatic cancer through a nutritional approach or cannabis oil, for example. (Okay, yes, it’s very bad for the allopathic business model—because it works.)

Homeopathy, herbalism, naturopathy, and acupuncture are dismissed and demonised as quackery (by bought-and-paid-for sociopaths). Schools for natural medicine are being shut down by the Pharma Cult.

The Inquisition continues on today, its form and modus operandi has only shifted slightly: these days it is corporately driven and funded—seemingly secular, but sectarian at its unbalanced and corrupt ideological core.

Believe as we believe—or burn. That’s the implicit motto and message of the priesthood of mainstream medicine.

The underlying programs infecting the minds of today’s inquisitors seeking to stamp out CAM are much the same as they were in the middle ages, though they realise it not. The overweening self-righteousness and fanaticism are still with us.

We have not outgrown our ancient hubris.

Today we’re not allowed to torture and mutilate our modern witches (homeopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, or kinesiologists), but they remain the mortal enemy of synthetic, invasive, and authoritarian mainstream medicine, which embodies the schism between a manipulated humanity and the natural world which we so fundamentally rely on for our survival (physically we ARE nature).

It is yet another glaring example of unconscious continuation of irrational and self-defeating belief structures in the collective consciousness of humanity—beliefs still arrogantly championed by AMA presidents, Friends of Science in Medicine spokespeople, heads of hospitals and medical journals, many family doctors, health ministers, the UN—and on it goes…

The subtle and passive inheritance of legacy programs is causing us tremendous problems everywhere. Unexamined beliefs are dangerous to hold in matters of health and healing, but even more so when the State inherits and then enforces those blind beliefs with the full might of the law. (Consider: the legal basis for forced vaccination in Australia is now in place. See: Biosecurity Act 2015. Who determines if you “need” vaccinating? The State’s clerics, er, agents do.)

Our medieval thinking has not left us.

The agenda to maintain an insidious thought control program is still in place today. It is “unconscious” in the sense that it is fundamentally unaware of its own flaws, deeply irrational, unjustly damaging to the victims and their families, and ultimately self-defeating.

It is the rampaging ego seeking to destroy everything good, true, and beautiful.

It is full-blown, unfettered Wetiko.

It seems that every other day now there is a report of some poor doctor being persecuted and dragged into court or some medical tribunal for judgment all because they use acupuncture or chiropractic, or simply acknowledged a parent’s wish to not vaccinate a child who was demonstrably at high risk.

The controlled media (drowning in pharmaceutical money) piles on with its usual shrill demonization campaign and the Inquisition rolls on—another “rebel” crushed by legacy programs once vigorously pushed by the Papacy and now running the modern medical  establishment (known by some medical practitioners as the Medical Mafia).

Embracing Heresy

The possibility that superior methods of protecting and enhancing health might exist OUTSIDE the purview of mainstream technically-oriented, paternalistic medicine seems never to enter most doctors’ minds—after all, salvation can only be found through the one holy Church and its sacraments.

The Medical Priesthood is in charge and sacerdotalism is still the rule.

Instead of priestly mediators between humans and “god” working out the “salvation of the soul,” today we have technocrats who decide what is best for us on behalf of the almighty Church of Modern Medicine and the Cult of Big Pharma, mediating between humans and the “Big Bang” universe (another quasi-religious fantasy) and its inevitable creeping entropy.

And yet there is no shortage at all of allopathically trained doctors who—in spite of their medical indoctrination/education—now rebuke the entire philosophical foundation of Western medicine. They didn’t start out with such a dull view of it all. They arrived at that point through years of disappointing results, cognitive dissonance, and painful experience.

Does anyone care, for instance, that Dr Robert Medelsohn—a classically trained medical professional—stated several decades ago in Confessionsof a Medical Heretic that we could probably eliminate at least 90% of medical intervention and not only would we NOT suffer for it, but collectively would be better off?

Does anyone pushing the pharmaceutical domination agenda care to even TRY understanding WHY he said what he said?

Such voices are drowned out by the thought-control driven by Big Pharma and its legions of shills and prostitutes in medicine and the media who fail to see (or care) that if we cannot have freedom of choice and dominion over our own bodies, then we have no freedom at all.

Today’s inquisitors may not wear medieval clerical garb but their authoritarian religion is clear enough for those with eyes to see.

Growing Up – and Letting Go of Fascism

It’s always the same old “externalised authority” / “power over” instead of “power within” programs running the show. We have outsourced our health to the Medical Mafia, trusting blindly in the medical priesthood that they know what is best for us and will deftly guide us forward, just as the masses used to outsource their spirituality to middle men acting as cardinals, priests, and popes.

We know how that worked out.

Modern medicine is clearly one of the leading causes of death in developed countries—and a generous/lenient study from circa 2000 placed it 3rd in the US (and this only acknowledged the carnage caused by correctly prescribed interventions!). So why all the blind faith in such a broken system?

We have collectively turned cognitive dissonance into a high art.

What a disturbing spectacle. How much worse will it need to get before we try something new and start taking responsibility?

Are we willing to embrace responsibility knowing that having an INFORMED opinion means hard study, that it means thinking for ourselves, questioning “truths” long taken for granted, and facing the very uncomfortable possibility that we have been lied to and played for fools?

Your health isn't the responsibility of the medical system or society. In truth, unless you are an infant or invalid, the onus is on you to learn what it takes to be healthy as an individual—others can’t do it for you.

Collectivism doesn’t work in the realm of personal health—it only breeds fascist medical dictatorships…

…and dictatorships are, in case we’ve forgotten, the mortal enemy of freedom.

You can’t have it both ways.

Your body, your choice.



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