Domestic Violence In Lockdown Explodes – Killing Ourselves to Flatten the Curve Part 3

Domestic Violence In Lockdown Explodes – Killing Ourselves to Flatten the Curve Part 3

We either get to be our own best medicine, or our own worst nightmare. The choice is ours, like it or not.—Brendan D. Murphy

Lockdown Turns Homes into Powder Kegs

In Part 1 we considered the adverse effects of social isolation both psychologically and physiologically, uncovering that such measures actually weaken immunity rather than enhancing it.

In Part 2 we looked at the precipitated increase in suicides and general adverse impacts on mental-emotional health resulting from economic hardship such as Depression-level events.

What about troubled homes and toxic families? How are they “benefitting” from being forced to stay indoors at close range for hour after hour, day after day?

My sources in Australia tell me that already domestic violence in lockdown is going through the roof. Case workers are overwhelmed as domestic violence has exploded to epidemic levels.

Around the world in the last month or so, a profusion of articles has revealed this is a global trend for countries who have gone into lockdown.

The interior minister of France, Christophe Castaner, said that reports of domestic violence had increased by more than 30 per cent across the country (36 per cent in Paris; 32 per cent elsewhere, including two murders), since it went into lockdown on March 17.[i]

In the Hubei province of China, domestic violence reports to police have increased; more than tripling during lockdown from 47 last year to 162 this year…As the area went into lockdown in late January, cases of domestic violence doubled…[ii]

Five days into lockdown in the Spanish province of Valencia,

the first case of murder appeared when a woman was killed by her husband in front of their children. Crisis line and the safe house of central Georgia’s Deputy Director, Jamie Bormansay, said there had been a rise in domestic violence cases after the COVID-19 lockdown. Columbus also saw a spike in domestic violence because of the coronavirus outbreak. It is reported that 60 domestic violence cases arose in the last week of the march. In Arizona, according to the Phoenix police department, domestic violence service calls jumped in the last two weeks. Thus, the abuse could increase due to social distance and quarantine. High stress and fear are only acting as triggers for abusers…[iii]

We’re only just scratching the surface of just how bad of a “mis-cue” the lockdowns really are…

University of Melbourne professor of social work Cathy Humphreys says economic downturns are a “disaster” for domestic violence victims, with recent research showing there was a close link between bushfire-hit areas and domestic violence increases.

“For women and children living with domestic violence, this is just a nightmare…The strongest strategy domestic violence abusers have to control is social isolation.”[iv] [Emphasis added]

Holly Brennan at the Centre Against Domestic Abuse in Caboolture, QLD, reports:

“People who live in danger [are]  being tested right now,” Brennan says. “It can be very difficult to reach out for help if you are locked down. We do anticipate that after this is finished, we will have an enormous job ahead of us to pick up the pieces.”

The conditions are akin to a perfect storm. Businesses are haemorrhaging jobs or have been shuttered entirely and families are in enforced isolation, dramatically scaling back small freedoms that offered a reprieve from violence.

Pubs are closed but bottle shops remain open. Recent sales at liquor stores jumped 86 per cent compared with the same time last year, according to credit and debit card data from Commonwealth Bank and ANZ. Alcohol doesn’t cause intimate partner violence but it does increase the risk of abuse occurring, and the severity.[v]

In one case, “a man told his partner he had coronavirus so she couldn’t leave the house. Women cannot be admitted to a shelter unless they have been tested for Covid-19 and returned a negative, but the wait times for the results have been long.”[vi]

Is this situation not absolutely insane?

Especially when you consider that the diagnostic tests themselves—like the PCR—are completely unreliable and return false results with regularity?

(The PCR test was, according to Nobel laureate Kary Mullis who conceived of it, not designed to be used the way it currently is to “diagnose infection.” The technology is being abused and producing meaningless results in the process – data being used to justify all-new levels of government overreach.)

The Saturday Paper reports, “Around the world, wherever Covid-19 has shown up, reports of family violence to crisis helplines have soared.”

I received a phone call from a distraught friend living interstate recently. She had been raped and violently assaulted by her ex who was heavily intoxicated. (By the way, the local police did not care and her assailant was allowed to go free when he said it was consensual! That’s another story in itself.)

Question: Would this have happened if the usual social gathering places and dynamics had been in play, instead of having unstable, prone people isolated, drinking alone at home, and bored under lockdown?

In Britain, Karen Ingala Smith, founder of the Counting Dead Women project, said the number of women killed by men in the two weeks of a coronavirus lockdown had doubled from the trendline of four every fortnight to eight.

“It is terrifying to think what those statistics will be for Australia in 2020,” says Kate Fitz-Gibbon, director of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre. “This is not a new problem. Australia declared a national emergency in 2015…this year, we will see a peak of violence. It will present in greater numbers and in complex and challenging ways that we just did not see before coronavirus.”[vii]

It is acknowledged by those in the social work trenches that the full measure of the fallout will be months from emerging in totality. We’re just getting the first glimpses now. Domestic violence in lockdown is only one metric demonstrating the inappropriate tactics employed by many governments – but it’s one we should take heed of.

Rest assured, the longer the lockdown holds, the worse this will get – all because of an alleged cold virus (still not isolated) which, all data indicates, is no more threatening than the average flu.

On April 5th, The Guardian reported,

More than 25 organisations helping domestic violence victims have reported an increase in their caseload since the start of the UK’s coronavirus epidemic.

One group, Chayn, said…that visitors to its website had more than trebled last month compared with the same period last year. An audit of 119 organisations by the domestic abuse charity SafeLives found, however, that even as pressure on frontline services increased, most were being forced to reduce vital services…Most domestic abuse organisations provide face-to-face or phone support, but a quarter say they can not “effectively support” adult abuse victims…[viii] (Emphasis added)

It is not a sneaky “virus” causing this mayhem, it is government policy and public complicity with the reigning idiocracy. We are shooting ourselves in the collective foot; cutting off our nose to spite our face.

So, let’s get this straight:

We appear to have initiated the next Great Depression (I hope I’m wrong), AND, to add insult to injury, we’re telling the most suicide-prone groupsall sufferers of chronic domestic abuse—and all of the elderly—to stay home in self-isolation, avoid supportive social gatherings and groups, keep at least 1.5 metres away from all other humans (except for the ones they already live with—IF they are fortunate enough to have companionship that is not toxic or abusive)…

…and you’re not even “allowed” to go for a walk or jog down the road in some places. Don’t leave the house unless it’s to buy “essentials.” (Who decides the definition of “essential,” anyway?)

With every day that passes, another attack on what used to be a basic freedom is launched by our loving governments, further compounding the humanitarian and economic crises the lockdown has initiated.

Current government restrictions are increasingly mirroring the exact rules the Soviet people struggled with under Stalin—if you don’t believe me then you need to read Gulag Archipelago (and 1984 while you’re at it).

The Australian government looks as if it is trying to create Au-Stalin-ia. New Zealand, under publicly known socialist Jacinda Ardern, is even further down that dark road, creating a surveillance state that would have turned Stalin’s skin tone positively Kermit-like.

The Russian people know where this ends. But, frozen in corona fear like a dear in headlights, most people bury their heads deeper in the sands of obliviousness, entrusting obscene levels of power to government officials who give us no reason to believe they operate in our best interests.

If this apparent coronavirus is just SO infectious and dangerous, why is the alleged epicentre of it, China, virtually back to business as usual? It was all the way back in March 19th that reports were already confirming restrictions in China were beginning to be lifted:

The last temporary Coronavirus hospital has now closed in Hubei province as there are not enough new cases to justify keeping them open.

Rates of new infections of COVID-19 continue to decline in China from data released by the World Health Organization and the Chinese government.

Restrictions on movement and travel are tentatively being relaxed now in China as life begins to return to normal.[ix]

As Forbes reported back then: “The central province of Hubei where Wuhan [population 11 million] is located was the epicentre of the virus and even their airports are starting to prepare to reopen.”

Wuhan’s lockdown ended in early April, but, as the New York Times noted on April 7th,  “Most of Europe, India, much of the United States and many other places are under orders for businesses to close and most people to stay at home, abruptly crippling economies and throwing millions of people out of work. The full measure of the sacrifice that such policies entail—in jobs and income lost, in lives disrupted—might first be taken in Wuhan.”[x]

Wuhan, of course, is known for its

truly awful air quality

and other sources of pollution and stress—highly relevant if you’re talking about respiratory diseases and epidemics thereof. You might ask yourself why those other factors are never mentioned by the mainstream media or talking heads at the W.H.O.

Obviously, cases of poisoning are not contagious. That’s why experiments attempting to transmit the “Spanish flu” to healthy people from mortally sick people failed in 1919. It turned out they were poisoned, not suffering from a transmissible infection, hence the healthy volunteers remained 100% unaffected by the “flu” sufferers.

Isn’t it time to ask: 
Why the pathological obsession with microbes-as-cause instead of looking at living circumstances like nutrition, air quality, sunshine, movement, etc., etc.? We know that the body produces exosomes and other endogenous entities in response to toxicity and stress (including fear), including exposure to harmful EMF, for instance.

Historically, improvements to living conditions, such as the introduction of sanitation systems into towns and cities, cleaner water, and better food/nutrition, have made all the difference in conquering disease.

Dr Andrew Kaufman has pointed to the scientific research of others that strongly indicates what is being called “COVID-19” is in fact a mis-identified endogenously produced exosome—part of our cellular cleanup crew; not only not a harmful invading pathogen, but part of our “defense system.”

As the scientific and medical bumbling, government corruption, corporate venality, and hidden agendas begin to emerge, expect the Gateses and Faucis of the world to be wearing a lot of egg on their faces (along with the Arderns) – IF the masses choose to start digging beneath surface appearances.

In the meantime, we wait to see how long the pressure cooker lockdown situation will last before the hoards of healthy-yet-compliant sheeple start resenting living under indefinite house arrest while their most basic freedoms, businesses, and livelihoods are taken away—all to avoid what a rising chorus of physicians, scientists, and journalists are saying is – at worst – more or less having just another cold or flu.

News flash: CDC all-cause-mortality was recently released and shows that deaths in the same time frame this year were entirely unremarkable compared to previous few years. Does that sound like the world is in the grips of an unprecedented pandemic?

Things just don’t add up.

Gates, Moderna, Fauci, and the others – aided by dime-a-dozen traitors like Ardern – fomenting irrational fear of “covid-19” stand to make many millions of dollars from all the media-driven hysteria and resultant medical fascism – even if coronavirus jabs are not mandated by illusory statute law.

Meanwhile, we plebians are still killing ourselves to flatten the (imaginary)  curve.

A second wave of hysteria and fear-porn is planned, and already being preempted. Vigilance is the currency of choice right now.

Conscientious and caring humans must break their trauma bonding to their captors and reclaim their responsibility and agency – while it’s still an option.


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