Time and Space in the Astral Planes

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Fun fact: It is, thanks to hypnotic regression methods (see Newton, Weiss, Whitton and more), possible to regress someone back to a previous lifetime to re-live their moment of death.

Experiencing the tunnel into the afterlife following a previous death, one hypnotically entranced life-between-lives subject commented that time in the spirit world/“life between lives” is not linear; there, all times and events are accessible from anywhere at any moment.

(The above sentence should help clarify matters for anyone who fell for the whole "the tunnel is a trap” idea. I can show you it isn’t, just like the so-called “simulation” is also not a prison or a trap run by demented alien or AI overlords.)

 The immediacy and/or accessibility of time-frames other than the present (past and future) is something commented on by basically every worthy source on this topic, regardless of the particular field. 

Interdimensional comparisons of time flow and spatial coordinates make compelling food for thought. Jane Sherwood in THE COUNTRY BEYOND made some interesting investigations into time and space in the spirit world relative to earth with her guide E.K., and her other spirit companion “Scott.” (Not his real name.)

They found “space” in the non-physical realms (time-space/reciprocal space, per Book 1) seemed to suffer contractions along with time.

E.K. added that every plane seemed to show the contraction effect for space-time values, and in the higher spheres/rings, the sense of duration and extent ceases altogether. (Please note: full citations will be found in Book 2.)

There, time and space merge to become one and all things are present in the eternal “Here” and “Now.” E.K. clarified by saying a contraction in space is one way of saying that beings such as he can apprehend more of it at any moment than an incarnate human might—likewise for time. Thus each higher plane/ring/sphere in the afterlife realms offers an expanded capacity to survey larger and larger “areas” of time and space.

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In TGI Book 1 I stated:

“I believe that science will validate conclusively the notion that every time we step up a dimensional level, in principle we encompass the whole time domain of the level below.”

This comes close to approximating the sentiments of E.K. above. The difference here is that while, at times, I emphasised the existence of extra spatial dimensions to account for such differences in perspective, what E.K. describes is a warping of the fabric of space and time, essentially creating differing density levels. As we established in TGI 1, Nikolai Kozyrev’s empirical scientific research demonstrated that time (the aetheric medium/time domain) literally has density—the notion is not just a convenient intellectualisation.

We are having that pioneering scientific research confirmed by what most scientists would consider “the most unlikely sources.” 

In the late Tom Bearden’s terminology, “since mind kindling comes into this universe orthogonally [at right angles], normal distances do not apply. The entire physical [reality] appears to [someone in] the mind world as a point…”

E.K. offered some final important clarifying sentiments, noting that each plane is discrete relative to others, and the only activities or energies which can be detected by beings beyond a given plane are those sharing resonant frequencies, specifically, the “higher activities of emotion and mind,” so Scott—the remorseful former materialist—presumed only those can be known by beings on higher planes.

 Thus, there is some degree of potential “bleed-through.” Scott offered a description of movement through the astral planes with the caveat that describing it is obviously difficult. The overlapping of the larger areas/densities of consciousness “gives some of the future of one’s movement to the present. It brings the future towards one as one goes to meet it.”

The scene dissolves and reassembles in other forms as one moves. E.K. clarified that if someone were waiting for his arrival in their astral home, they would not see him coming as he “travelled” there—he would simply appear there. The intervening “space” is not perceived as real space “except when I am regarding it from one end.” Such is travel in the astral time domain—we travel by thought and intention.

Once consciousness is disembodied (no longer associated with a physical body), it is operating in what physicist Josiah Gibbs called “phase space” in 1901. This is the nonlocal world of probability waves. Such waves have measure or signal strength but are non-vectorial (directionless). Some might use the term “scalar waves” (in Book 1 we frequently referred to “torsion waves”). In a nonlocal realm, direction is, by definition, meaningless—the realm is “spaceless.”

Hence, here, in their disembodied state, NDEers and OBEers find they can travel instantaneously to anywhere they want to. (Alternatively, they may experience a rapid expansion of consciousness, as is often reported.)

Their consciousness—like quantum probability waves—is inherently nonlocal and can “relocate” itself anywhere in the cosmic hologram instantly, regardless of imagined “distance.” Phase space/nonlocal space/implicate order could also be called the “quantum vacuum,” or, within the spiritual lexicon, “Source.”

It is the font et origo.

Characterising such experiences in this way also helps us to understand why so many NDEers experience a sensed/felt connection with “all knowledge”—in this nonlocal phase space, all information exists nonlocally (everywhere at once) and, thus can be experienced as a living reality. In fact, frequently, accounts describe connecting or merging with “the Light” and then receiving “all knowledge.” As we pointed out in Book 1, light represents information, thus merging with “the Light,” represents merging with infinite information (most of which is forgotten or sublimated after the fact, due to the wonders of state-specific consciousness).

Light is also the universal archetypal symbol for consciousness itself.

 Numerous physicists have helped us arrive at this point where we recognise that phase space/nonlocal space is a real metaphysical realm in which consciousness exists, including, Wigner, von Neumann, Josephson, Wheeler, Stapp, Goswami, and plenty more. 

One of the many reasons I’m excited to finally publish Book 2 is because the extensive marriage of scientific concepts and empirical data with different esoteric schools of thought opens up tremendous insights which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

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