What IS DNA Activation?

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What IS DNA Activation?  Brendan Murphy

What IS DNA Activation? Cutting Out the Fluff

Let’s start at the start, this doesn’t need to be complicated. You’ll need some basic background info and context to understand what DNA activation really is.

I’ll make this as quick and painless as possible.

Over the last 40 years or so (depending on your point of view), the scientific arena of epigenetics has allowed our understanding of human biology to leap forward.

In fact, since the early 1940s, a microbiological framework for understanding the power of suggestion, intention, and belief has been developing (now known as epigenetics).

Simply put, epigenetics is the field of study of how the “environment” – including our personal psychological terrain – influences gene expression.

So how much does environment affect our genetics? Turns out quite a lot!

It’s now estimated that 95% or more of disease is driven environmentally rather than by heredity. This is great news because it puts us in the driver’s seat to create our health.

In other words, lifestyle circumstances and choices are the prime determinants of health – things like nutrition, stress, air quality, sleep, light/dark, mood changes, xenoestrogens… on and on the list goes! It all influences gene expression, how our DNA functions.

So our genes are, overall, highly malleable. We can exploit this “geno-plasticity” to garner health benefits and even help deepen our spiritual progress.

This is what most forms of “DNA activation” claim to do – but be warned that not all DNA activation is born equal.

You may have heard all the talk of so-called “codes” and  wondered if there’s any merit to it. Well, that depends on whose “codes” you’re talking about. Some people CLEARLY just use these buzzwords to attract customers without really having anything of substance to offer – or any understanding.

Can We Talk to Our DNA?

As you probably know, the vast majority of our DNA “text” is not used in the coding of proteins and enzymes—it is “non-coding”—and scientists initially dubbed it “junk DNA”.

How much of our DNA is “junk”? About 95–99 per cent.

We now know that a large portion of that “junk” DNA is made up of mobile genetic elements or, “jumping genes,” in layman’s terms.

Through the principles of epigenetics, these mobile elements can rewrite and activate—or deactivate—certain genetic codes.

So, what is DNA activation?

DNA activation is the process of intentionally altering your DNA’s expression to enhance your consciousness, health, spiritual connection, and even the entire tapestry of your life (when it’s done “right”).

Let me help paint the picture of how this looks.

“Jumping DNA” possibly makes up as much as half of our total DNA.

Another major portion is comprised of variable-number, tandemly repeating sequences known as “satellite DNA”.

Dr William Brown believes that through specific configurations, satellite DNA interfaces with the so-called “morphic field” – what I conceptualise as the different levels or layers of our mind/auric field.

Think of your morphic field as a psychometric and ener-genetic patterning of the fabric of space if that helps.

Different DNA expressions have specific vibrational resonances with the morphic field and can therefore tune into different information programs. Each of us tunes into a distinct and unique morphogenetic pattern, as we all have utterly unique DNA expression.

DNA can be thought of as somewhat like a tuning fork that resonates to different energies/frequencies.

Fine-tuned interaction between our “tuning fork” DNA and the so-called “quantum vacuum” may deepen and enhance our conscious experience. This has certainly been my experience.

Think of it this way: the more coherent/love/bliss energy we can INTENTIONALLY pump into our cells and DNA, the more expanded, deeper, and “coherent” our consciousness gets. This is the essence of the idea behind DNA activation – but there’s more……

Your DNA Is a Form of Text – DNA activation and the Linguistic Connection

In the 1990s, a team of Russian linguists led by Dr Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in “junk” DNA follows uniform grammar and usage rules almost identical to those of human language.

This ground-breaking research followed Jeff Delrow’s discovery in 1990 that the four nucleotides (A, T, G and C) of DNA form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns.

Within junk DNA segments, scientists have found large numbers of “endlessly repeated sequences with no apparent meaning, and even palindromes, which are words or sentences which can be read in either direction.”1

Then, in 2014 scientists at the Wyoming Institute of Technology, working with linguists and philologists from Bob Jones University (BJU) in South Carolina, made more linguistic breakthroughs. The scientists at BJU discovered that the language in the “junk” was indistinguishable from ancient Aramaic, and parts of the script it contained were at times close in composition to verse found in the Bible—and even contained direct Biblical quotes.

Interesting, huh?

My point is that all of this research – and much more – supports the idea that hypnosis and affirmations can be used to intentionally alter our DNA, which leads us back to the answer to the original question: “What is DNA activation?”

Doing DNA Activation

In terms of “DNA activation,” we can use our intention in a ritual setting and combine it with words, chants, singing bowls, certain tuning forks, drumming –  you name it.

My approach involves using a sequence of fixed vowel codes that are chanted aloud in a ceremonial setting – coupled with so-called “Solfeggio tones.” (Historically not really “Solfeggio” tones, but that’s another discussion.)

This has proved to be very powerful for many people.

This combination of specific (and unique) vowel sequences, frequencies, and intent cocooned in a blissful meditative state during the ceremony represents the most advanced form of DNA activation I have found (which is why I use it with my clients).

The idea is that this particular vowel sequence represents a kind of linguistic/sonic code that communicates with DNA, and supplies it with a new set of instructions that support healthier expression. Some codons will be turned off, while others are turned on – your body knows what to do.

We know from epigenetics that states of consciousness alter gene expression – therefore altered gene expression can also create altered consciousness.

Shifting your fundamental DNA “template” permanently using DNA activation can create a state of sustainably enhanced consciousness, spirituality, physical health benefits, pain relief, synchronicity – on and on the list goes. The changes tend to affect your whole life tapestry from top to bottom.

I base these comments on real world results with real people – not theory or conjecture.

Detox is common too – with no effort or dietary restrictions! How’s THAT for revolutionary?

This particular DNA activation process triggers a controlled and gentle – yet potent – kundalini activation too. As your cells’ DNA harnesses high-frequency energy (charge) from the “Source Field,” this additional charge builds into the reservoir of bio-electric charge near the base of your spine, your so-called kundalini.

Most spiritual people are not harnessing nearly as much bio-charge or “life force” as they could be, so this is a permanent – and much needed – upgrade to fuel anything you are trying to create or achieve.

Like I said before: spiritual rocket fuel.

I trust you now have a better understanding of DNA activation – minus the trendy fluff and BS that pervades this arena.

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