What Is 12 Strand DNA Activation?

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What Is 12 Strand DNA Activation? Brendan Murphy

 By Brendan D. Murphy

The task you have before you is to consciously command, intend, and will the evolvement of your DNA.
—Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn

Understanding 12 Strand DNA Activation

A lot of “odd” information has been coming through the “collective consciousness” over the last two or three decades, largely via channelers, but also people working in hypnotic regression and other areas.

The crux of it is the recurring theme of a multi-stranded DNA “template” that includes and extends beyond our physical double-helix. The most commonly mentioned one appears to be the 12-stranded template. Consulting with “intelligent space”/aether/source/akashic field, etc., suggests to me thus far that the 12-stranded template is a legitimate piece of information—but it needs some clarification.

Dolores Cannon is one investigator who stumbled on this information during a regression session with a client (detailed in The Three Waves of Volunteers), who spontaneously started talking about how humans were originally designed with a 12-strand template (which was subsequently shut down by the higher-dimensional designers because we were not evolving in a balanced way).

Another book is Voyagers by Ashayana Deane, a non-channeled work of considerable complexity and detail (resulting from years of direct contact with interdimensional/otherworldly beings), which speaks a lot about the 12-strand template “Angelic Human” and also the “Earth Human” version, along with the many-stranded Indigo templates. (It also addresses a “deviant” 11-strand template for those who are not “of the light,” so to speak. Keep a large grain of salt handy if you go down this path.)

It is worth noting that not all activation systems are “born equal,” and I have had people who have been through other systems come to me to access the Regenetics Method because they didn’t feel like they were getting results. (So, yes, I’m a certified facilitator of the Regenetics Method, and perform these DNA activation ceremonies in my capacity as an ordained minister, in case you were wondering. Surprise!)

Electronic scans of an overseas friend named Frank using a Quantum SCIO device have been compelling – I have shared these images in several of my talks with Frank’s permission and it never fails to make an impact (these images are copyright and not for re-sharing).

The SCIO, “is a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system…The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in head and limb straps (and fed into computer software) providing an accurate and precise picture of the client’s general status.”

More systematic approaches to documenting the DNA activation timeline are needed, but here are some of those aforementioned images.

Below Left: someone with no Regenetics Method activations. Below Middle: Frank’s wife shortly after her second. Below Right: Frank half way into the time frame of the fourth and final activation.


Back to the templates: Other books enunciating the 12-stranded DNA theme include Hanneke Jennings’ Preparing for Full Consciousness (another channeled work), We Are the Nibiruans by Jelaila Starr, Kryon – The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll, and probably a couple of others that escape my recollection.

Obviously this theme has emerged within our consciousness with a purpose/reason at this epochal transitional time. We are remembering more of what we are, and not only that, but awakening to systematic and effective ways of beginning to access that.

It isn’t enough just to believe or know that you have a multi-stranded many-dimensional DNA template. Knowing alone isn’t enough to bring it into full activity, and, as previously stated, initial awakening experiences are only the beginning of reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty. This is clearly serious transformational work, aimed at evolving or “re-membering” individuals with the rest of themselves, reconnecting to parts of ourselves we have forgotten.

What exactly does 12 strand DNA activation mean?

In a previous article I explained the basic idea of DNA activation and how it works. But a “normal” human is only meant to have 2 strands of DNA—where do the other 10 come from? In Barbara Marciniak’s popular channelled work The Pleiadian Agenda, the intelligence speaking through her shares some interesting tidbits regarding the “missing” ten strands.

Spoiler: they aren’t physical strands.

The Pleiadians on “12 strand DNA activation”:

  • Original humans had 12 strands of DNA—contributed by different civilizations
  • 300,000 years ago “creator gods” (reptilians) genetically downgraded humans to 2 strands of DNA and began a reign of fear and manipulation from 4D/fourth density (also referred to as the lower astral).
  • The other 10 strands—light encoded filaments—were left disconnected/“unplugged”
  • The “Original Planners” called on the “Family of Light” to incarnate into the Earth system’s human bodies and bring light/information back into it
  • Their goal: re-bundle and reconnect the disabled 10 light-encoded filaments
  • The “Family of Light” is incarnating in large numbers now while planet’s frequency matrix is shifting (supported by the work of Cannon and others)
  • During this time of transition we can reclaim our multi-dimensional heritage

They further said: “The task you have before you is to consciously command, intend, and will the evolvement of your DNA,” and, “The light-encoded filaments carry the language of light geometry, which carries the stories of who you are.”[i]

And, for a grand theatrical touch: “It is the age when humanity physically mutates before your eyes and literally turns into…multidimensional beings.”[ii]

There may be some basis for this idea, as I explain in my first book and its forthcoming sequel (The Grand Illusion – Book 2).  DNA has been discovered to be a most interesting piece of microbiological hardware over the last 30 years. Pioneering research by the likes of Dr Peter Gariaev and others, has led us to understand that DNA utilises sound and light to both store information and transmit messages/information. It can translate sound into light and vice versa.

It isn’t that large of a conceptual leap to speculate that our physical DNA structure has corresponding energetic superstructures or harmonic overtones—like the way that our physical bodies are immersed in a vibrational matrix or energy body called the etheric (and astral, mental, etc.). Maybe a simpler analogy is the way a magnet is surrounded by its invisible magnetic field.

Everything physical has a less physical counterpart. What is a magnet without its magnetic field?


Metagenetics and DNA Activation

The emerging science of metagenetics, writes Sol Luckman, “famously substantiated and applied through the work of Peter Gariaev in wave-genetics, understands that potential DNA constitutes the biological organism’s interface with a hyperdimensional ‘lifewave.’ The life-wave…is responsible for giving rise to a particular physical species or individual identity in space-time by nonlocally directing the activity of the three percent of coding DNA to build species-specific, individualized bodies.[1]

In Luckman’s model, non-coding/potential DNA “constitutes the hyperdimensional interface between the sound and light domains.[2]” DNA, in fact, is a “quantum antenna,” our biological bridge to the “unified field,” the sub-quantum nonlocal realm of infinite information and endless potential energy. The “godhead” and ground of reality itself.

Luckman adds: “We now are in a position to replace both the Primacy of DNA and the Primacy of Environment [epigenetics] with…the Primacy of Consciousness[3].” Metagenetics, in other words.

But How to Do DNA Activation?

When I combine my voice and the beautiful “Solfeggio tones” with the unique set of vowel sequences (codes) of the Regenetics Method, I believe that there is an increase of “jumping genes” (transposon) activity at the level of the physical molecule of DNA—as well as corresponding changes at the level of the ”light-encoded filaments,” or our non-physical strands of DNA.

In a holofractal universe, when you change a system at one level or scale, it automatically alters all other scales simultaneously.

It can’t be avoided. You know this from the mind-body dynamic and the way that non-material thoughts and feelings create measurable biochemical changes in your body.

I believe this is why recipients of this method of DNA activation experience top-to-bottom holistic shifts throughout every strand of their lives (no pun intended). As the “Pleiadians” exhorted us, we can literally “consciously command, intend, and will the evolvement of [our] DNA.”

If we have a modality like the Regenetics Method, we have the perfect tool for pumping an intelligent message/code into our DNA—on the wonderfully harmonic waves of the Solfeggio tones—to trigger an intelligent, and effortless, healing and transformational process, not unlike receiving a shamanic initiation.

It is a one-off transformative event – not something that needs repeating.

Having received the new “instructions” our DNA is now keyed to a new morphic pattern or resonance—life can never be quite the same again.

That doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows, unicorns, and fairy floss—but if you wanted a fairytale ending there is no shortage of con artists and fluff mongers out there who will sell you whatever you want to hear.

If you want to keep it real and learn more then I highly recommend checking out my free masterclass How to Evolve Yourself (without hard work, meditation, or spending thousands)



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